Facebook sucks. You know it and we know it. It just feels good to get it out in the open. Go ahead and give it a shot. Yell it to the world. FACEBOOK SUCKS! Nice innit? What used to be a great platform for keeping up-to-date with your friends and finding out about your favorite artists, has now become a place solely dedicated to generating billions of dollars in advertisements. And don’t even get us started on all the pictures of kids, the constant arguing about things you can’t change, the racism, the sexism and of course the “You’ll never guess what happens when this guy tries to jump out of a plane, naked, without a parachute, while trying to drink a Diet, Caffine-free, Low-Calorie, Cherry Dr. Pepper…” click-bait ads. If you don’t run a page other than your personal profile, you may not know this, but all pages are forced to use advertising dollars in order to reach their fans. Although we have over 3,300 fans of our page, our posts regularly are seen by less than half of our fanbase due too Facebook’s pathetic attempts at algorithms and determining whether our posts are valid enough to show up in your newsfeed or not. On numerous occasions, our posts will reach less than 500 people out of 3,300. That is only a 15% success rate and ultra-pathetic. You have taken the time to “Like” our page, that should be enough for you to see our posts and content whenever posted. Unfortunately it’s not. So there are only a few things we can do other than spend thousands of dollars a month trying to promote our posts so they can be seen.

#1 – subscribe to our page. It’s not enough that you have to just “like” it. No, that would be way too easy. Go to our page and hover over the “Like” button. You should be able to click on “get notifications”. This will ensure that you see our posts on a regular basis.

#2 – Like, Comment and/or Share our posts, pictures and events. It takes less than a second to hit the “like” button when scrolling thru Facebook. The more interaction we get, the more people our posts can reach. Everytime you interact with our posts, the more love we have for each and every one of you.

#3 – make sure you add us on Twitter (@PorkTornadoes) SnapChat (@PorkTornadoes) Instagram (@the_pork_tornadoes) and MySpace (@DoPeopleEvenUseThisAnymore) as well. If you follow us on all of the different forms of social media, you have a better chance of catching up on the news of the day.

Feel free to follow these same steps for your other favorite Facebook pages. We are all in this together. Thanks for reading and we’re glad that you are our fans. Although, there’s a really good chance you never saw this post in the first place. Thanks a lot Facebook.

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