We realized recently that we don’t donate our time to fundraisers as much as we would like. We all feel so lucky to be able to play music with our best friends. On top of that, because you people enjoy what we do, it gives us a great platform to raise awareness and put our talents together to make a difference. Right as we were wondering what we can do to help, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started going viral. Our buddy Shay nominated us and we knew it was time to step up!

On August 31st, 2014 we played a show in Cedar Falls, IA at Gingers Pub. We agreed to donate all the proceeds from the show to charity. Our Cedar Falls fans showed up in big numbers. We partied and we raised some good money. Kyle Dehmlow, owner of Gingers, agreed to match our contribution. We ended up donating $1,000 as a band and Gingers donated $1,000 as well. $2,000 going to charity all because of a night out in Cedar Falls! So awesome. While ALS is a great organization, we wanted to spread the wealth around to other needy charities. $500 will be going to ALS. $500 will be going to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. $500 will be going to American Cancer Society. We wanted to keep it local as well, so we are donating $250 to a local girl named Addie that was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. We also donated another $250 to a local girl named Lily Grace who is battling SMA. Dolly’s Taxi agreed to donate $300 to ALS, taken from some of their tips from that night as well!!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us. This will definitely be an annual thing.

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