Life is a funny thing. Things can never stay the same. Change is imminent. But don’t look at change as a bad thing. The only time change can be negative is when you don’t adapt to it. When you resist it, things can get messy. If you are anything like us, you know that the older you get, the more things seem to fall on your plate.  Jobs, responsibilities, significant others, marriage, children, etc. It begins to pile up and change the way you can live your life. Our band has been around in one way or another for more than 8 years and so much has changed. Big boy jobs, families, and so much more responsibility has changed the way we look at the band. Not only have our personal lives changed, but the direction of the band has also changed. We went from small clubs in front of a handful of people to corporate events/festivals in front of thousands. The demand for us to perform more often and get bigger and better is there. We are up to the challenge but know that we need to adapt to survive. Too many bands try to do the same thing over and over, hoping no one notices. That is not our style.

The biggest change you will notice is that we have essentially added 2 new members to the band. Trevor Polk will be playing synths/keys. You may recognize him from his work with Halfloves (f/k/a The Olympics) as well as Cedar Rapids band STRAYS.  Jerry Lorenson, of Towncrier, The New Mexicos, William J Locker and Pianopalooza, will be providing vocals/keys/guitar. Mason, Cory, Mike and Brent will continue to round out the line up.

This allows us to adapt to any personal and professional obligations that may arise among the original members of the band. It also allows us to provide a different show every single night, which is very important to us.  Sometimes you may see the stripped down trio show of Mason, Mike and Cory. Other times, you may see Trevor or Brent added to that line up. Big shows will allow us to give you an extremely versatile 5-piece (and sometimes even 6-piece) lineup. If Mason ever has any issues making a show due to obligations or sickness, the talented Jerry Lorenson adds seamlessly into the mix. We can all change out broken drum sticks and guitar strings but unfortunately a bad cold or overuse can send vocal chords into a bad spot and they aren’t replaceable.

More importantly than all of that, this gives us the ability to be even more diverse and versatile than we already are. Improving our show and setlist to give our fans the best possible experience every time we are on stage is our number one priority. You will love the new songs we are currently adding to our show and will love Jerry and Trevor.

In short, nothing and everything is changing at the same time. Come see us in 2016 and we will show you what we mean!



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